​And Psychological Services, LLC

Lisa Panicola, LPC

​Lisa Panicola is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been in the mental health field for over 14 years. Lisa’s warm, caring and non-judgmental approach facilitates a safe and inviting environment in which clients can safely explore and work through feelings, thoughts and beliefs that maintain unhealthy patterns and lifestyles. Lisa enjoys working with a range of ages including children, teens and adults. She supports children struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and adjustment issues, including parental separation or divorce. She assists teens working to define who they are amidst physical, emotional and psychological change; supporting them in navigating the demands of peers, school, family and society.  Lisa helps adults coping with anxiety, depression, divorce, parenting issues—whether major or minor life changes. As a long-time eating disorders specialist, Lisa works with clients of any age struggling with eating difficulties/disorders and body image issues. Lisa firmly believes that through honest and open communication and a positive connection with a caring therapist, the client will experience a successful, life changing therapeutic experience.