​And Psychological Services, LLC

Dr. Marty Kennedy, Ph.D.

​​Hi! I’m Dr. Martin Kennedy. I began working in the mental health field in 2002 and have been practicing as a licensed psychologist since 2011. I have experience working with teens, adults, and couples. My goal is to assist people in finding a sense of peace in their lives. I strive to build a solid therapeutic relationship with my clients so they feel comfortable expressing thoughts and feelings that are otherwise difficult to share. Having someone listen intently to your problems and being understood by an empathetic voice can be a great source of support. I believe another critical component of therapy is having an experienced psychologist help point out different ways to view, and then move past, recurring struggles, a process that is done collaboratively with my client. I seek to help people gain new perspectives to get out of old unhelpful ways of thinking about problems. My experience includes assisting individuals dealing with depression and anxiety, including those who find themselves struggling to manage their relationships with family and friends. Gently moving clients toward a more fulfilling and peaceful life through meaningful change is the ultimate goal.