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the most important step is making that initial call

About Us


​How we help you choose a therapist

When you call Family Life Counseling and Psychological Services, David or Jennifer will take the time to get to know a little bit about you and some of the issues you are facing.  Each of our therapists has a unique personality, skill set, and an individualized approach to working with his/her clients. David and Jennifer know the strengths of each therapist and will guide you to working with a professional who is perfectly matched to you and your needs. 


Our compassionate, caring staff is experienced in a wide variety of counseling services, including individual, couples, and family counseling, as well as psychological evaluations.  Our ultimate goal at Family Life Counseling and Psychological Services is to help people of all ages overcome the roadblocks that keep them from enjoying a healthy, happy and productive life.

We understand that whatever your particular challenges may be, they didn't develop overnight. There are causes for your present situation that may have been building over many years. The behaviors and attitudes that now cause you to seek counseling must be modified over time as well.  At Family Life Counseling and Psychological Services, we are committed to making that journey with you to ensure that you overcome the obstacles that currently keep you from enjoying life to its fullest potential.

Our licensed psychologists and counselors will help you identify the causes and prescribe strategies that empower you and facilitate real, lasting improvements.  For some, these strategies will involve individual counseling.

For others, the involvement of a spouse or other family member may be advised.

Family Life Counseling and Psychological Services provides a safe, supportive environment where you will be free to express your thoughts and feelings in complete confidentiality.

Choosing a Therapist

Family Life Counseling and Psychological Services, LLC was founded by Dr. Susan Sanderson in September, 2000.  Our small private practice has now grown to a group practice with six psychologists and seven professional counselors.  Each clinician that we have added has brought in a new perspective, personality and skill set,  which allows us to meet the needs of a very diverse client base.  We take great pride in knowing that we have specialists in each of the major areas of psychology.

​​​​We submit claims to all insurance companies

We are happy to submit claims to any insurance company.  We are in-network providers for Medicare, Medicaid, and all Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans.  We submit out-of-network claims to many other plans, such as United Health Care, Aetna and Cigna. These companies have some plans that cover 80% of our fees.  On average, our clients have about a $20 copay, even with out-of-network plans.  Please give us a call so we can help you understand how your insurance will work with our practice.  Please see the "Surprise Act" page for details regarding out-of network coverage.