​And Psychological Services, LLC

Dr. Chris Derix, Psy.D.

​​Dr. Derix received his Doctorate in Psychology from the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. Since graduating, Dr. Derix has experience working with severe and persistent mental illness, community mental health education, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (as both an individual and group therapist), and as a clinician for several St. Louis area nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Dr. Derix prides himself on being easily relatable, yet direct in therapy. He predominantly utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and solution focused interventions aimed at symptom reduction through mutual goal setting. Dr. Derix believes the source of many individuals' area(s) of difficulty revolve around how they think (about themselves/others) and problematic learned behaviors they engage in which take them further from their goals. Dr. Derix believes if we can identify these thoughts and behaviors, that we can become more aware of how they play out in clients’ lives and identify specific coping skills for dealing with these in a more effective manner. Dr. Derix’s goal in therapy is to educate clients on their condition and build coping skills so clients can more independently manage their mental health. Dr. Derix’s clinical interests include: anxiety disorders, relationship skill building, the impact of physical health on mental health, men’s health, and adjustment to change.