​And Psychological Services, LLC

​​​​I was introduced to the world of psychology while going through a difficult time as a young college student and seeking the help of a therapist. The experience taught me so much about myself and how to manage my emotions during difficult times, as well as throughout life, that I decided to learn more about the field. One intro to psychology class turned into two more, and then just 12 short years later (with a few twists and turns along the way) I completed my PhD in counseling psychology!

I utilize a holistic approach to therapy, as do many other therapists. What I mean by that is: I help clients explore a variety of areas of functioning that can affect mental health, many of which are often easily overlooked. Examples include sleep, nutrition, physical activity, spirituality, interpersonal relationships, and others.

My approach to therapy is centered on helping clients achieve clarity, which comes in a variety of forms. We often struggle because we exceed our capacity to cope, which can lead to uninformed, rash decisions, or the inability to act. When we feel we have better clarity, it becomes much easier to move forward, even when the decisions are difficult.

I have attended school and internships from coast to coast, from inner city schools to diabetes clinics, to community mental health centers. I am a cancer survivor, and I am no stranger to working hard to accomplish goals. Given all my experience, I feel I have the ability to relate to a wide variety of clients. I look forward to working with anyone who is struggling and feels they are in need of assistance.  

Dr. Dustin Adamo, Ph.D.