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Jacqueline Weydert, LCSW

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Cyndi Williams, LCSW

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David Sanderson, Manager

Jennifer Allen, Assistant Manager

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Jacqueline Weydert, LCSW

Life is short. My goal is to help people find purpose and to overcome some of life's bumps. I work with people of all ages including individuals, family and couples who are experiencing feelings/emotions that are getting in the way of living a happy, fulfilled life. Lets face it, sometimes we just need someone to listen and help us learn skills that will get us back on track and feeling better. I work with people that are struggling with anxiety, depression, life events/traumas, bipolar disorder, teen/child issues, couples counseling, finding purpose and many others.

In couples therapy, I focus on rebuilding relationships and teaching how to communicate effectively to solve issues that keep resurfacing. I am also one of the area's few Co-Parenting Facilitators. 

I have several years of experience in private practice. I have worked in hospital, school and home settings as well. My approach uses mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, strength based approaches and focusing on building a toolbox of coping skills. As a therapist, I am non judgmental and provide a safe place to talk with someone you can trust.