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At Family Life Counseling and Psychological Services, we understand that the decision to seek treatment, either for you or a loved one, is not a decision made lightly.  Many of us have a tendency to try to ignore emotional and psychological challenges in the hopes they will improve on their own.  Unfortunately, in many cases, time alone is not enough.  For those suffering from some form of emotional or psychological distress, their condition may become more pronounced and lead to other difficulties.  If this scenario sounds familiar, it may be time to consider the services of Family Life Counseling and Psychological Services.  For the majority of people, effective counseling by our staff will lead to improved behavior, attitudes and overall quality of life.  Our licensed psychologists and counselors help our clients identify the root causes of their struggles and equip them with effective coping skills to attain the best quality of life possible.

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Most people will experience troubling feelings from time to time.  In some cases, the feelings are an inward manifestation of an outward event, such as the loss of a loved one, a divorce, or a change in career or environment brought on by a move or transfer.  For most, these feelings will dissipate relatively quickly.  For others, the feelings can be persistent and, if left unattended, can cause severe consequences, including prolonged depression, addictive behaviors, and complications in school, the workplace, or the home.

Do any of these feelings sound familiar? 

Feelings of Despair
Agitation, Anger
Inability to Concentrate
Insomnia or Restless Sleep
Inability to Communicate Your Feelings
Low Self Worth
Loss of Motivation
Feeling Overwhelmed
Dramatic Changes in Sleep or Eating Habits
Loss of Sex Drive
Declining Grades or Job Performance
Feeling Separated or Isolated from Friends, Family or Co-Workers

At Family Life Counseling and Psychological Services, we offer comprehensive outpatient counseling services for individuals of all ages, and we provide a full range of diagnostic assessments and therapeutic interventions and treatments to address a wide variety of symptoms and causes. Our highly trained, caring staff is here to serve the needs of individuals and families in a relaxed, welcoming and accepting environment.

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