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Good news! We are starting to make plans for easing limitations for in-office sessions as many of our staff members are now fully vaccinated.  We will continue to follow all CDC recommendations and guideline in order to keep our clients and staff safe.  But, we will be able to have many more in-office sessions in the near future.  Check back here for updates!

What to expect at your first in-office session during the pandemic:

Please wait in your car until your exact appointment time as the waiting room is closed.  Please put on your mask,  making sure to cover your nose and mouth, prior to entering the office. (Notify us in advance if you need a face mask.) When you enter the glass door to our office you will see hand sanitizer and the following instructions on the wood door:

In order to help keep you and our staff safe, we are requiring a face mask to be worn at all times when in the office.  You must also use hand sanitizer prior to entry.  At your scheduled appointment time your therapist will open the door, take your temperature using a non-touch thermometer, and ask you a few health questions: 

          •Do you have a chronic or new cough? 

         •Have you felt feverish or have you had a fever in the last 24 hours? 

         •Do you feel short of breath or have difficulty breathing in a way that is not normal for you?  

         •Have you had exposure to anyone suspected of having COVID-19? 

 If you are denied entry due to not passing our screening, you will be asked to leave the office and your appointment will be rescheduled utilizing Telehealth.  You will not be charged a late cancellation fee! 


COVID-19:   Changes we are making to keep you safe

 1.  Offering Telehealth (video and audio) sessions with any client wishing to stay at home

2.  Reducing in-office sessions by 75%

3.  Pre-screening clients prior to arrival

4.  Temperature check and health screening at time of in-office session

5.  Staggered start times for sessions

6.  Waiting room closed, please come in at exact scheduled start time

7.  Face masks required for therapist and client

8.  During session, maintaining maximum distance as office space will allow (generally 6 to 8 feet)

9.  Air purifier with HEPA filter in each office

10. Hand sanitizer available (and required) at entry 

11. Sanitize all touch surfaces between each client

We will make modifications to this list in order to accommodate working with very young children on a case by case basis.